The Impact

Our Values

We believe every animal deserves the chance to live, love, and be loved regardless of age, breed, disability, special medical needs, time required for placement, and space.

We believe animals possess the ability to heal the heart and mind–connecting with people in ways that inspire hope and purpose.

We believe that by planting the seeds of kindness, responsibility and philanthropy in children through their love of animals–the future may bring a time when no savable, treatable, or rehabilitatable animal has to die in Indiana.

And, we believe in sharing our blessings.  We always have.  That’s why we’ve taken a leadership role in helping other animal welfare professionals throughout Indiana achieve their no-kill objectives too.  It’s why we’ve taken the lead in getting precedent setting laws passed that finally address “backyard breeders” and call for stronger penalties for animal abusers.  It’s why we rescue nearly 300 animals a year who are at the greatest risk for euthanasia in other Indiana shelters whenever space and resources permit.

In our new facility–the impact our programs and outreach will have in the community is limitless.

New Programs

Our community outreach efforts currently include educational programs that teach the principles of responsible pet ownership, bite prevention, and the importance of philanthropy at all ages. We work with numerous scout troops throughout the year and collaborate with other non-profits to help at-risk youth.

However, we have been unable to expand our outreach to include new programs like “Shelter Reading Buddies” due to safety concerns, no education or meeting space, and the lack of noise control in our facility.

The education center and new kennel and cattery designs will make this program, along with several others that connect animals with even more children, veterans, seniors,  and at-risk youth…possible.

Expansion of Current Programs

Pets Healing Vets, George, StarThe Humane Society for Hamilton County offers programs that not only match people and pets, but that also connect people with the healing power of pets.  Our Pets Healing Vets Program is unlike any other in the country as it will fund 100% of the cost to own a pet for the life of the pet if that’s what it takes to help a Hoosier veteran with PTSD.

Our new facility design will allow us to expand upon programs like Pets Healing Vets impacting, even saving, more veteran lives.

Helping Indiana Achieve No-Kill

The Humane Society for Hamilton County is proud to serve as a role model for animal sheltering practices in Indiana. We’ve worked incredibly hard to become one of the only open-admission, no-kill shelters in the United States. Through collaboration and resource sharing, we believe that all of Indiana can be a state where savable, treatable and rehabilitatable animals are no longer euthanized.

HSHC has assisted several animal welfare organizations over the years advance their no-kill efforts and improve the quality of animal welfare in their communities. It’s an honor to receive requests for guidance from other shelter and community leaders. Our goal is to expand those efforts with the greater resources our new facility will provide.

  • 1.

    Friends of Indianapolis Care Services Foundation

    “I believe working in animal welfare requires a special combination of personality traits. It’s rare to find someone with that combo, and even rarer when they also have the leadership skills, PR talent, and “big picture vision” necessary to rise to the top of their field. I feel Rebecca has all that, and she has been able to make HSHC successful, while also helping other groups and shelters succeed. It’s admirable and hopefully inspirational for other rescues. She’s a shining example of “a rising tide raises all boats” style leadership. She’s always willing to help, regardless of county borderlines.” —Dean Metcalf, Board of Directors

  • 2.

    Animal Protection League

    “In 2009, I was appointed the Director of Animal Care and Control in Anderson. The shelter had a history of high euthanasia. My mission was to change that. From the first phone call Rebecca was supportive and willing to help. She personally came to our shelter, did a walk through and told me how she would approach making changes. She made available all their protocols and forms for us to use which was invaluable and saved us much time. Rebecca has always been willing to share her knowledge and expertise to help others succeed. Rebecca Stevens has set the standard on how shelters should operate. Her strong, passionate voice has changed the mindset on needless euthanasia in our community.”Maleah Stringer, Director

  • 3.

    Indianapolis Animal Care Services

    “The Humane Society for Hamilton County works tirelessly to improve animal welfare for the community. They are a leader in innovative programs to help save the stray and unwanted animals from around the state. They continue to rescue some of the most at risk animals. They go above and beyond to build a brighter future for the more than 3,000 animals that come through their doors each year, and have truly set the standard for animal welfare in our state.”–Katie Trennepohl, Deputy Director

  • 4.

    Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinic, Inc.

    “Rebecca Stevens has taken a small Humane Society and turned it into the best Humane Society in the state of Indiana. Not only does she save lives of the animals in Hamilton County but she also saves lives of so many more animals in need that are from out of county. Rebecca has also been an advocate in helping other counties improve their policies and procedures, along with budgeting and operations, to advance the quality of animal shelters across the state.”Tammy Sollenberger, Executive Director