Youth Programs

Little People. Big Impact.

Youth Education & Programs

The Humane Society for Hamilton County is committed to inspiring the next generation of animal lovers to become advocates for the pets in our community. We proudly offer a variety of educational programs for every age to cultivate compassion among every learner. We also collaborate with other non-profits to help at risk youth in the Hamilton County school system through the Hamilton County Youth Canine Program.

Our youth education programs are designed to:

Plant the seeds of kindness, responsibility, and philanthropy in children through their love of animals
Explain the role our Humane Society plays in the community
Teach children about pet safety and bite prevention
Provide age-appropriate curriculum (K-12) on animal welfare topics including benefits of pet adoption vs. other pet procurement options, spay/neuter benefits, animal ordinances/laws, animal cruelty prevention, breed discrimination, and what “no-kill” really means.  Let us know if there is a specific topic you would like us to discuss in your classroom
Assist with the coordination of donation drives, fundraisers, and special projects

Please contact our Community Engagement Manager for more information on our Youth Education Programs.

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    Scout Programs & Projects

    Learn how the Humane Society for Hamilton County cares for our various animals and explore animal welfare topics such as pet overpopulation, responsible pet ownership, breed stereotypes, and pet safety. On the day of the program, scouts will participate in a tour of the facility and meet one of our animal ambassadors.

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    Fundraisers & Service Projects

    The Enrichment Program at the Humane Society for Hamilton County aims to enhance the lives of the cats and dogs in our care as they wait for their forever homes. Daily enrichment aids animals in avoiding depression, minimizing boredom and anxiety, while providing mental and physical stimulation. Learn more about ways you can help below.

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    Classroom Education

    Our classroom programs provide age appropriate lessons which include a wide range of topics and live animal interaction.  School programs meet Indiana K-12 Academic Standards and can be customized to fit your current classroom topic or specific learning objectives.

    Age Appropriate Lesson Topics:
    • What HSHC Does
    • Responsible Pet Ownership (e.g., spay/neuter, proper care)
    • Pet Safety/Dog Bite Prevention
    • Dogs with Jobs
    • Animal Cruelty Prevention
    • What is Breed Discrimination (with a focus on Pit Bull Education)
    • Animal Laws
    • How to Make an Impact (fundraising ideas)

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    Giving Hope & Purpose to At-Risk Youth

    We believe in collaboration.  Whether it’s a non-profit that supports the needs of children, domestic abuse victims, seniors, veterans, or those with special needs or disabilities–we believe animals have the undeniable power to connect with people in ways no one else can.

    The Hamilton County Youth Canine Program is one of those collaborations.

    Paws & Think is the lead organization that has pulled HSHC and Hamilton County Youth Assistance together to identify at-risk youth, ages 13 and up, in Hamilton County schools.  These are kids that school counselors feel may be at-risk for dropping out of school, getting involved in criminal activity, or even suicide.  Some may be the victims of bullying, have difficulty connecting with other kids, or come from a difficult home life–but what they all need is hope and purpose. 

    Once program participants are identified by Hamilton County Youth Assistance, Paws & Think and HSHC carefully select shelter dogs who will be partnered with each child.  Participants teach basic obedience to the dogs during a week long program supervised by Paws & Think.

    The connection developed between these kids who need hope and a sense of purpose–and shelter dogs who need hope too–is powerful.