Fostering Saves Lives

Why Foster?

For starters, it saves lives.

As an open-admission, truly no-kill shelter, we are always at capacity. So it only takes one big intake day, or a hoarding case, or the seasonal peaks we see with kitten season and before holidays, for us to find ourselves in a space crisis. On any given day, we might have more than 100 animals in foster homes!  Without our fosters opening their hearts and homes to the animals who need a temporary break from shelter life–or a home in which to heal–we simply wouldn’t be the no-kill shelter we are today.

Our Foster Program also provides an opportunity to introduce a pet in need of fostership into your home without making a lifelong commitment.  If you’re unsure about adoption, this is a great way to dip your toes into the water.

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    How to Become a Foster

    Simply fill out an application and note your areas of interest.  Some fosters require more time, and experience, than others.  We will review your application and let you know when we have a match.  Feel free to contact us any time at for more information or questions on an animal we have posted in need of foster care.

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    Animals in Need of Fostership

    We need foster homes for nursing mothers, animals under eight weeks of age, and those recovering from injury and illness.  And, we always need foster homes who can give those emotionally declining a respite from shelter life.

    Some of our more urgent foster needs include:

    • Felines suffering from upper respiratory infections
    • Motherless kittens who need to be bottle fed to survive
    • Pregnant animals
    • Cats and dogs with serious injuries
    • Heartworm positive dogs
    • Seniors who are depressed and stop eating in a shelter environment
    • Long-time shelter residents who are beginning to decline physically or mentally
    • Opening up space during high-capacity times
    • Dogs in need of rehabilitation for behavior challenges (seasoned fosters only.)

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    We've Got it Covered

    HSHC will pay for all associated foster care expenses if that’s what it takes to get an animal into a healthier environment. This includes everything from medical care to general supplies like food, litter, toys and crate.

    Now don’t get us wrong, we certainly appreciate our fosters who are willing to cover the basics like food, litter, and grooming.  Some of our fosters go all out and even help us cover medical care.  That extra support means we can help more animals get into foster homes.

    And if you do help with foster care expenses, it’s considered a tax-deductible contribution!

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    When Resistance is Futile

    Sure, you set out to be a temporary foster … but then you fell in love. It happens. We call it a foster failure when fosters decide they cannot part with their foster animal. And for those who foster nursing litters, you will always get first dibs on the puppy or kitten of your choice. You know, just in case resistance is futile 🙂

Urgent! Pets in Need of Foster

  • Margarita

    On the rocks or frozen? Margarita isn't picky! She'll be appreciative of whatever she gets, especially if it includes a break from the shelter!

    Apply to Foster Margarita
  • Avocado

    Holy Guacamole! Avocado needs a vacation from the shelter. He loves to play and is a giant goofball. You're sure to always be entertained with Avocado around.

    Apply to Foster Avocado
  • Maahes

    The shelter life just isn't for Maahes. He needs a foster to play with him and take him on long walks to help burn some of that energy. Can you help?

    Apply to Foster Maahes
  • Wild Thing

    Wild Thing will make your heart sing, but don't let the name fool you- she's sweet as pie. As one of our longest residents, we'd love to see Wild Thing enjoy a vacay!

    Apply to Foster Wild Thing
  • Ox

    Ox knows his commands and is eager to please. If you're looking for a giant lap dog, Ox is the man of your dreams!

    Apply to Foster Ox
  • Opal & Jade

    This dynamic duo is so special, but they just aren't sure about humans. They'd love a foster home to show them the ropes and that humans aren't all that scary.

    Apply to Foster Opal & Jade
  • Toni

    After tearing her ACL, Toni needs a low energy home to recover. Can you help her? She's super sweet and cuddle up with you during recovery.

    Apply to Foster Toni

Foster Testimonial

About Lisa's Experience

“Some dogs don’t adapt well to the shelter environment. They become anxious, depressed, withdrawn, and some completely shut down and stop eating. Fostering these dogs is life-saving. Once they are in a loving home environment,  you can see their fears subside over time and their personality starts to bloom.”

  • Sometimes through fostering you fall deeply in love and realize an animal’s forever home is actually yours.

    Lisa Wiley Rodriquez

  • We have loved fostering with the HSHC as it allows us to get our “fix” of extra fur while also feeling useful and helpful to an animal in need.

    Christy Baugh

  • I like fostering because it’s my personal way of giving back to the animals who haven’t had the opportunity to find their forever homes.  I like working with HSHC because they are flexible with my schedule and make the responsibility of fostering very simple.

    Alex Patten

  • Extra love is sometimes all it takes to make a big difference to the health of an animal both mentally and physically.

    Christy Baugh

Love & Let Live

Every animal deserves a second chance at love — and life. We invite you to be part of the solution and give back to the animals who give us so much.