Survivor Program

Giving Them a Fighting Chance

Life Saving Care

Thousands of animals come through our doors each year in need of life-saving medical care. As an open admission, truly no-kill shelter, the Humane Society for Hamilton County takes in abused, neglected and sick animals and helps them through care and recovery until they find their happily ever after. These dogs and cats are never turned away because their care is too extensive or expensive – every animal deserves the chance to live, love and be loved.

The Survivor Program funds all life-saving medical care as well as the costs associated with rescuing over 1,000 animals at-risk for euthanasia each year in Indiana kill shelters.


Why does my donation matter?

You can donate to the care of these animals or directly sponsor an animal. Meet our past and present Survivors in need below.

Survivors Who Need Your Help

  • Penny

    Penny sustained an extensive injury to her front leg and paw leaving her unable to walk. The Survivor Program will fund her treatment and recovery.

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  • Stormy

    Stormy is a sweet, 10-year-old gal that is diabetic. She receives diabetic prescription diet food and insulin funded by the Survivor Program.

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  • Big Tony

    Big Tony came to us in horrific condition after being found in a dumpster. The Survivor Program funds all the medications he needs to recover.

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  • 1.


    Age: 2 years old

    Her Story:
    Orangie was surrendered in March of 2019 with a significant wound on her front leg. In order to prevent the spread of infection and other risks, Orangie’s leg was amputated. She made a miraculous recovery and was adopted just a month after her surgery, and now spends her days loving on the four members of her household.


  • 2.


    Age: 4 years old

    His Story:
    Reese came to HSHC as a stray in 2018. As a young, high-energy dog, being in and out of the shelter five times took its toll. He had what we call “happy tail” and needed his tail docked. He needed a little help to deal with the uncertainty and instability of moving from home to home, and was prescribed anxiety medication.

    Cost of Care: $1,400

  • 4.


    Age: 1 year old

    His Story:
    Dunes came to us as a stray, experiencing a cough and ultimately diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection. The cough persisted, and it was found that Dunes was suffering from a disease in his airway. With some TLC and the right medications, Dunes has been on the road to healing and has made tremendous improvements. He now spends his time in his adoptive home, playing with his canine and feline siblings and loving on his mom.

    Cost of Care: $450

  • 5.


    Age: 7 years old

    Her Story:
    Ruby struggled for five years to find a forever home. She found herself at the shelter for the fourth and last time in October of 2019. Finding a family for Ruby that would be committed to keeping her healthy would be a challenge, but she was no less deserving of the chance to love and be loved than any other animal. Ruby’s intestinal health issues weren’t life-threatening, but she needed medication and a special diet along with daily monitoring. There was a lot hurdles to ensure a quality of life she and every animal wants and deserves. Ruby found her pack two months later in December, and continues to do well.

  • 6.


    Age: 10 years old

    His Story:
    Before being adopted, Phoenix held a title that no animal wants: Longest Resident. For eight months, this senior struggled on and off with painful urinary blockages and anxiety. Phoenix was treated with medication and was fed a special diet, and slowly began showing improvements. A mass was found in Phoenix’s mouth and a biopsy was recommended to ensure it was non-life-threatening. Results indicated the mass was benign, great news to all after the struggles Phoenix had endured. One unsuspecting day, Phoenix’s angel walked into the shelter – and the rest is history.

    Cost of Care: $700

  • 7.


    Age: 5 years old

    Her Story:
    Riley’s life was saved by the Survivor Program in October of 2018 after being transferred in from another shelter. Shortly after arriving, she began receiving treatment for the significant yeast infection covering her skin, ear infections, along with an upper respiratory infection. Riley continued her recovery in a foster home for the following weeks, and ultimately stayed with the family – they had fallen in love and couldn’t imagine their family without her.

Love & Let Live

Every animal deserves a second chance at love — and life. We invite you to be part of the solution and give back to the animals who give us so much.