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More and more companies are looking to their employees to choose the local charities they would like to support each year.  From a single “jeans day” fundraiser or multiple fundraising initiatives throughout the year, to an organized donation drive and employee volunteer day, there are many ways for your company and employees to help your community’s animals.

So if you’re a Hamilton County business with employees who have a heart for animals…HSHC IS YOUR PICK! We are the ONLY animal shelter serving Hamilton County’s residents.  And if you are a Marion County based business, HSHC IS STILL YOUR PICK!  The Humane Society for Hamilton County saves the lives of hundreds of animals every year at risk for euthanasia in Marion County.  In fact, we transfer over 300 of the hardest to save, and place, animals imaginable from Indianapolis Animal Care Services and other Indiana shelters each year.

As one of the only open admission, truly no-kill shelters in the country–we promise your support of HSHC and its remarkable programs will serve the community well.

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    Matching Gift Programs

    Many corporate employers will match their employees’ gift to a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Matching gifts can double, even triple, your impact! If you’re not sure whether your company matches employee giving, please contact your HR department. And, if they do, here’s what to do:

    1. Contact your HR department to request a matching gift form.
    2. Complete the form and send it to HSHC with your donation.
    3. We’ll submit any required paperwork to confirm your contribution…and then we’ll give a big smooch to a shelter animal in your honor!

    If you have any questions on how to help HSHC through a corporate matching program, please contact our Director of Development at

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    Employee Driven Fundraisers

    There are SO many ways your employees can raise money for the animals.  We have seen local businesses raise thousands of dollars using these campaigns.

    We’re all about lifetime relationships here…so while you’ll definitely get all over wiggles when you choose us as the beneficiary of a single fundraiser…you’ll get our unconditional love if we can count on your annual support.

    Here are just a few ideas!

    1. “Jeans Day” Fundraiser
    2. Special Event Donating All/Portion of Proceeds  (e.g. Golf Outing, Sporting Events, Festivals)
    3. Spaghetti Dinner/Barbeque/Bake Sale Fundraiser
    4. Organized Donation Drives (See our Wish List)
    5. Organize a Team to walk or run in the annual Woofstock Survivor 5K & Dog Walk.

    For more information on how to set up a company fundraising event or campaign please contact our Director of Development at

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    Donation via Payroll Deduction

    Does your company encourage charitable giving through payroll deductions?  If so, please consider making a monthly donation to HSHC through an automatic payroll deduction. Set it up once…and done!

    Please check with your HR department to see if they offer a giving via payroll deduction opportunity.

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    Corporate Volunteer Groups

    If your workplace participates in community volunteer days, why wouldn’t you spend the day with puppies and kitties!

    We have moved into our new shelter and our volunteer needs have changed. We’ll go from the limited space and ability to offer hands on time with animals to a much more robust program offering.

    To organize a service day at the shelter or inquire about opportunities in the new facility, please contact our Volunteer Programs Manager at

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    Become an HSHC Champion

    When it comes to serving as an HSHC “champion,” there can be only one. 

    • Champions serve as our primary liaison, voice, and advocate, within their organization or business.
    • Champions work directly with our Community Outreach Manager to identify funding opportunities offered by their organization or business like annual grants, event or program sponsorships, donation drives and matching program support opportunities.
    • Champions are the key in making sure we maximize those “jeans day” and special events fundraisers by including our HSHC team in the process and planning.
    • Champions take the lead in organizing a team to participate in our annual Woofstock 5K & Dog Walk benefiting the Survivor Program.
    • And last, but not least, Champions are always looking for ways to help spread the word within their organization or business regarding HSHC’s programs, adoptables, and urgent needs.

    HSHC Champions wear capes.   If you’d like to become one or want more information, please contact our Director of Development at (oh and let us know what size cape you wear.)

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    Give While You Shop

    We’re lucky to have several community organizations that allow you to designate HSHC as your preferred charity. Every time you shop, we receive a portion of sales from the partner… and the dollars really add up!

    If you would like to organize a donation drive with your co-workers to help the animals, please check out our Amazon Wish List!

Meet Our HSHC Champions

Rachel Castenada

Learn More

  • My love for doggies motivated me to volunteer at HSHC. I get to spend time each week, hanging out with my favorite ‘people’. I love the doggies’ company, if even just for a 20-minute walk – I get to see their personalities and let them be themselves outside of their kennel. 

Love & Let Live

Every animal deserves a second chance at love — and life. We invite you to be part of the solution and give back to the animals who give us so much.