The Need

HSHC currently operates in less than 10,000 square feet of space that is missing many of the basic areas most animal shelters include. The limitations of our building, and the exponential growth of our county, have stunted our ability to safely offer youth programs and expand our community outreach efforts.

Our building lacks adequate disease control, noise control, light, storage, and a surgical suite to treat animals in need of emergency care. We also have no area to conduct staff or volunteer training, or an educational area to work with youth groups. There is no recovery area for the injured, or separate space for senior animals and small dogs who are more frightened in the shelter environment.

Some limitations of our current facility include:
  • -Adequate Disease Control
  • -Noise Control
  • -Natural Light
  • -Quarantine Areas
  • -Surgical suite to treat animals in need of emergency care
  • -Recovery area for the injured
  • -Separate space for frightened seniors and small dogs
  • -Free roaming cat areas
  • -Space for volunteer training or youth group education
  • -Adequate outdoor exercise areas or safe walking trails for dogs

In 2014, we created a video to help the community understand exactly what we are up against. As you can imagine, our needs 5 years later are exponentially greater. Please watch and see for yourself.