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The Humane Society for Hamilton County is one of the only open admission, truly no-kill animal shelters in the country, but we hope that changes. We give every treatable, savable, rehabilitatable animal the second chance it deserves.

With your support, we always will.

Our story by the numbers


Animals Received in 2018


HSHC Placement Rate Percentage in 2018


Average National Placement Rate Percentage


Number of Lost Pets Reunited with Families in 2018


Years In Operation

  • 01.

    Time Is Money

    And the more volunteers we have, the farther every dollar goes. Day-in, day-out, our amazing volunteers help provide the love, care, and organizational support needed to help every animal find its forever home.

  • 02.

    Open Homes Open Hearts

    Our foster network provides stressed animals with a break from shelter life, sick animals a quiet place to recover, and pets with behavior challenges more experience in a home setting.

    Plus, fostering helps ensure we always have kennels and cages available for incoming animals.


  • 03.

    Innovation In Action

    From Pets Healing Vets, which pairs Indiana veterans suffering from PTSD or Traumatic Brain Injury with emotional support animals, to our Survivor Program, which provides emergency medical care, you’ll find plenty of ways to plug in and help.

  • 04.

    Knowledge is Power

    The more you know, the more you can help. Sign up for our newsletter, learn what to do if you need to report an abused, lost, or found animal, get pet training tips and tricks, find animal-related services in your area, and much more!

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Adoption Success Story: Amberly

Read Amberly's Success Story

Amberly was one of seven animals transferred to HSHC from Indianapolis Animal Care and Control in July 2018. Amberly is not only a senior, but needed serious medical care. Following her appointment with a veterinarian, it was discovered that Amberly had cancer. This did not stop her loving and bright spirit from finding a forever home!

“Amberly is such a wonderful, yet unique pup. I knew we had picked a great dog the moment she realized we were leaving the humane society. I have never seen a dog so gloriously excited about her freedom ride. She wouldn’t even sit down for the ten minute drive to our house, but insisted on covering me in kisses, and four months later, those kisses have yet to stop. She loves living on a farm with her two dog siblings who are truly her best friends. The first toy we ever gave her quickly became her one and only toy. We call it her “baby” because she treats it as such and has to have it with her at night in order to sleep. She is a very intelligent young lady and knows how to work all of us with her sad, soulful eyes, especially when she wants to get in my bed to cuddle. While we knew she had terminal cancer when we adopted her, it has never stopped her from living a joyful dog life. She is the princess of the household, and may her reign last forever!”

  • Your facility is a truly special place, and you never give up.

    Kim Zabinski

  • Fostering is my way of giving back to the animals who haven’t found their forever homes yet.

    Alex Patten

  • HSHC makes it very easy to get involved and be a part of something wonderful!

    Christy Baugh

  • HSHC does such a wonderful job of taking care of so many homeless, neglected babies!

    Michele Lassaux-Harlan

  • God bless you and your staff for being the animals’ best chance for a second chance.

    Kim Zabinski

  • I’m very fortunate to be able to contribute to the HSHC on a regular basis!

    Michele Lassaux-Harlan

Love & Let Live

Every animal deserves a second chance at love — and life. We invite you to be part of the solution and give back to the animals who give us so much.