Luck of the Fosters

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Help fill the pot of gold

The Humane Society for Hamilton County has hundreds of dogs and cats in foster care at any given time. Our generous foster families open their hearts and homes to provide temporary refuge to some of our most down on their luck animals. The shelter environment is not for everyone — especially seniors, animals that shut down because of stress and those with special medical needs.

Many animals in foster homes are on medications and/or prescription diets to treat conditions ranging from anxiety and ailments that come with old age, to life-threatening illnesses. We spend over $4,000 on medical supplies for our foster program each month and need your help replenishing our pot of gold!

Kiss Them, They're Foster Animals!

  • Marley

    Luck of the Fosters poster pup, Marley, is on medication for anxiety, hypothyroidism, arthritic pain and allergies totaling $143.60 a month.

    Give Marley Luck
  • Noreen

    Noreen is on blood pressure medication, a renal insufficiency prescription diet and gabapentin for arthritic pain totaling $247.18 a month.

    Give Noreen Luck
  • Boo Boo

    Boo Boo is diabetic and suffers from seizures. He receives anti-convulsant medication, diabetic prescription food and insulin totaling $270.65 a month.

    Give Boo Boo Luck
  • Raisin

    Like many of our under-socialized or stressed out animals, Raisin receives fluoxetine totaling $47 a month to help manage her anxiety.

    Give Raisin Luck

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