Help them with their New Years Resolutions!

$1 billion per year goes unused on old gift cards. Do you have old gift cards sitting around collecting dust? Why not put those cards to good use and support a great cause! Your old gift cards could help us buy cleaning supplies to clean our kennels and cages, kitty litter, special food for animals with restricted diets and much much more.

During the entire month of January, donate your gift cards to the Humane Society for Hamilton County!

Help our animals, staff, and volunteers achieve their 2020 resolutions by donating gift cards, which will be used to purchase items to assist each individual (furry or not) in reaching their goals for the new year! The best part, gift cards are tax-deductible.

To donate your gift card, stop by the shelter or email with your redemption code.

*Any and all gift cards and balances are accepted, including but not limited to the following:

Our Rescue Resolutions

  • DIY (Fixer-Upper)

    Used for building maintenance and facility repairs.
    -Home Depot
    -Ace Hardware

  • Mind & Body

    Used for animal enrichment and physical & emotional well-being.
    -Speck's Pet Supplies

  • Treat Yo' Self

    Used as rewards to recognize our team for their hard work & dedication.

  • Meowscellaneous

    Used for animal transport and various aspects of daily operations.
    -Visa Prepaid Cards
    -Gas Cards