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July 2018 Pawgress Report

Paws for a Cause 5K Series is returning to Fishers on Saturday, July 28, with the start and finish at Four Day Ray. This family (& canine) friendly event is sponsored by
Tito’s Handmade Vodka and their Vodka for Dog People Program which supports no-kill shelters across the U.S.  We’re so proud they’ve chosen the Humane Society for Hamilton County to support.
Here’s the scoop:
Who:   Anyone who wants to competitively run, or leisurely walk…along with your dog!
What:   Paws for a Cause 5K benefiting the Humane Society for Hamilton County
When:  Saturday, July 28
Where: Four Day Ray in Fishers
Why:    To support HSHC (and for all the AMAZING SWAG that comes with this race!)
Time:    Registration opens at 8:00 AM/ Race starts at 9:30 AM

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June 2018 Pawgress Report

VIP Nite: Friday, June 22 – 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Ruff Ride: Friday, June 23 – 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.  
Harley Davidson of Indianapolis

May 2018 Pawgress Report

Foster Homes Urgently Needed

May & June may bring showers and flowers, but it also brings an increase in animals–especially kittens.  We depend on our Foster Home Network to not only alleviate our challenges with limited space, but foster homes are the only peaceful place for our injured or ill animals to heal. We also rely on our fosters to give dogs and cats a break from the shelter when depression sets in.

Some animals fair better than others in the shelter environment.  The daily bombardment of stressors–noise, strangers and the lack of space, light and exercise areas–begins to break them down no matter how much we love and care for them.  When that happens–finding a foster who will open their heart and home may mean the difference between life and death. In fact, we would not have achieved our no-kill goal without foster homes.  Foster homes save lives.  Countless animals would not have received the opportunity to complete someones family had it not been for the support of our foster network.  But with the growing number of senior animals in our care–who often need more medical attention and succumb quickly to stress–we are in desperate need of more foster homes.

March 2018 Pawgress Report

Parade-a-Bull 2018
March 31, 2018 | 11AM – 2PM

This year’s Parade-a-Bull will be the first public event held at the site of our future facility, located at 10501 Hague Road in Fishers.

With this new location comes amazing indoor and outdoor space – so this year’s “parade” will be our Inaugural “Best-in-Show” Competition which is open to rescue dogs of any breed/mix.

for the chance to win amazing prizes!
Parade-a-Bull is a FREE event that features:
Merchandise Vendors
Food Trucks
Pet Photos
Adoptable Dogs

February 2018 Pawgress Report

Celebrate your special Valentine by donating toward the care of a shelter animal this month! 

Your $25 Valentine Sponsorship in honor of memory of someone special will fund approximately two days of sheltering for one of hundreds of animals in our care.

The heart your give will brighten the cage or kennel of animals patiently waiting for their special someones. By request, we will also email you a photo of the ornament and your sponsored pet to share with your Valentine.

Please help us fill the kennel and catteries with boundless love and countless hearts.

January 2018 Pawgress Report

Building a Better Future
2017 was more than just another great year of animal adoptions and successful fundraising events.  In 2017,  our organization’s long-time vision of building a state-of-the-art facility that embraces our life-saving philosophy, supports our community outreach programs, and offers the animals a better quality of life as they wait for homes went from being a dream, to a reality.
I believe the story of how this came together is so clearly a product of our continued faith, hope and divine planning that I’d like to share it with you.

December 2017 Pawgress Report

Going Home
Megan Gonterman – Director of Operations
We love the holidays. It brings out the best in us.   With that, we’re filled with hope that the twelve animals we’re featuring in our Home for the Holidays campaign will finally find their homes this month.  
Our “Featured 12” is comprised of the 6 dogs and 6 cats who have waited the longest for a home.  Thanks to  Paws & Play Dog Training Resort &  Barkefellers Northeast, each animal comes with an incredible gift package valued between $500-$1000!
Even if you can’t adopt one of these deserving animals, you have the power to help them find the only thing they’ve ever wanted…a loving home.
-Share this email!

–Pick one of the 12 and become his or her advocate by sharing their story with family, friends, co-workers and via social media.

If we work together, our holiday wish and theirs will happen. Each will wake up Christmas morning inside walls of a loving home…not a cage.
Happy Holidays,
Megan Gonterman
Director of Operations

November 2017 Pawgress Report

Leader of the Pack
A Letter from the Executive Director
Once a year, your donations are matched dollar for dollar doubling the chances for the animals in our care. That time is now!  Thanks to a generous group of donors and HSHC board members, donations made to our Annual Matching Campaign will be matched up to $30,000 during the month of November. The opportunity to raise a total of $60,000 for the animals in our care is one we can’t afford to miss.
The number of animals in need of emergency and life-saving care is greater than ever before. The number of senior animals surrendered each day, who require more care and wait longer for homes, is on the rise. The need is great.

October 2017 Pawgress Report

5-years-old – Explorer – HSHC Survivor 
What’s extraordinary about the Survivor Program is it’s range of care. The range of cases and care we provide is vast … we treat pets with heartworm, severe burns, hit-by-car injuries, neglect, abuse. In addition, conditions such as bladder stones, which plagued Athens, are also treatable through the Survivor Program.
Athens had a good life; he was in his forever home, living life to the fullest … until everything drastically changed. Athens began urinating outside his litter box and his personality did a 180, he was now a grumpy, ornery cat, in contrast to his usual sweet self.

September 2017 Pawgress Report

A Success!
Clear the Shelters 2017 was a major success! Sixty-six of animals made love connections and are now in forever homes.  It’s heartwarming to watch paw parents take home their new pets – it’s these experiences that make our hard work pay off.
Thank you to all who adopted and gave our shelter pets their forever home!

August 2017 Newsletter

Meet Stilettos!
Our Featured Cat 


Are you a fan of irony? Well with Stilettos, her name embraces the meaning of the word. She is a strong, independent woman with clear expectations. She demands respect as she has definitely earned it.
She began her life at HSHC as a kitten 9 years ago, and the family that adopted her brought her back a little over a year ago. Unfortunately one of her family members developed allergies and couldn’t keep her; it’s been hard for Stilettos without a family.

July 2017 Newsletter

Meet Jinx!
Our Featured Cat & Longest Standing Feline Resident

Don’t let the name fool you – there would be no bad luck for someone adopting our Jinx!

She is an incredibly sweet girl who could use some good luck. Sadly, Jinx has been waiting for a home for 15 months–the longest wait of any cat currently in our care.

Love & Let Live

Every animal deserves a second chance at love — and life. We invite you to be part of the solution and give back to the animals who give us so much.