Kid's Corner

Resources for Family and Youth

We’ve assembled a list of resources for families and children looking for ways to stay busy during social distancing. See below for our favorite DIYs, videos and recipes!

  • 1.

    Animal Enrichment Crafts

    The Enrichment Program aims to enhance the lives of the cats and dogs in our care as they wait for their forever home. Daily enrichment aids animals in avoiding depression, minimizing boredom and anxiety, while providing mental and physical stimulation. You can make these for the animals in our care or for your own furry friend!

  • 2.

    Homemade Dog Treats

    These no bake peanut butter and oat dog treats are delicious and nutritious! Once you try it for your self, try adding other dog-friendly ingredients like carrots, green beans or pumpkin.

  • 3.

    Coloring Pages

    Help us find our featured adoptable cats and dogs a home by coloring a picture of them. With your parent or guardian’s permission, share your art on social media using #HSHC.

  • 4.

    Parsnip the Cat Yoga Adventure

    Join Jaime for a story in yoga poses. A kids yoga adventure about learning how to focus – and why it’s important not to distract others. Parsnip the Cat is a circus cat – and she is very much focused on her tightrope routine, but Meldrum the Mouse wants to distract her!

  • 5.

    Mindfulness Exercise with Mini the Puppy

    In this episode, Jaime introduces us to the idea of ATTENTION and how we can practice it. We meet Mini – Jaime’s dog – and we talk about how she learned to focus her attention.

  • 6.

    Power Puppies

    Purchase an electronic or paperback copy of Power Puppies 1 & 2, written by Hollie Vessel’s class at Riverside Intermediate School. Proceeds benefit HSHC.