Holiday Wish List


There are some special, one-time purchase items we’re hoping Santa will bring us this year: 

A projector that we can use to train our staff and volunteers. We’re pretty sure the one we have now was the original made in 1879.

A laminator.  We desperately need this as we laminate all of our pet profiles that hang from the animals’ cages & kennels.

A tool box.  Our screws are currently loose.

Three organizers in “Espresso” (our office cats are particular.)

A large paper cutter.  It’s not exciting–but we need one.


Kuranda Beds

It’s time to replenish our supply of Kuranda beds.  These heavy-duty beds are designed specifically for shelters so they’re durable and easily disinfected.  You can order the beds we need at a discount and they’ll ship them directly to us!



The supplies we need and use everyday are posted on our Wish List.   From our daily list, the items we need the most are:

Slip Leads

Martingale Collars

Chew Proof Toys:  Goughnuts, PetSafe Busy Buddy (Med & Large), PetSafe Magic Mushroom

Stuffed Animals for Enrichment:  Mr. Hedgehog & Mallard

55 Gallon Trash Bags

Toilet Paper