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Funding Daily Care Through Monthly Giving

The Humane Society for Hamilton County (HSHC) is one of the few open admission, truly no-kill shelters in the country. Not only does HSHC serve and rescue the unwanted, sick, and abused animals of Hamilton County, but also hundreds of animals each year at risk for euthanasia in other Indiana shelters.


Our Love & Let Live Supporters are fiercely loyal and passionate about our life-saving mission. This group of dedicated donors are critical to funding the daily care of over 3,100 animals each year through their monthly recurring gifts. Knowing we can count on your monthly recurring gift helps us budget for the future and sustain our daily operation.

This is a great way to make giving easy by setting up your monthly contribution through an automatic, online payment. You’ll receive a notification when you sign up as a Love & Let Live Supporter, and then you’ll receive a tax acknowledgment summarizing your total contributions for the year in January.

Those who give $100+ monthly receive an exclusive Love & Let Live Supporter car cling and a special wearable pin shortly after becoming a supporter.


Love & Let Live, Time is Money

HSHC has an average of 350 animals in its care on any given day. The daily cost to provide basic care and shelter per animal is $13. This does not include any medical or life-saving care they may require. So our total daily cost to simply keep a roof over their heads, food in their bellies, and ensure they’re living the best quality life possible in a clean shelter, is approximately $4,550 per day.

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They’re counting on us, so we’re counting on you.

Love & Let Live FAQs

Why give monthly?

With your monthly gift, you provide reliable and steady funding. HSHC would not be able to operate as one of the only open admission, truly no-kill shelters in the country without your support.

What are the benefits of monthly giving?

Monthly donations come out of your bank account or credit card automatically, making giving hassle-free. Your gift is not only live saving, but also tax-deductible. No matter how much or little, every dollar counts.

How will I receive information for tax purposes?

You will receive an initial email confirming your gift when you sign up as a Love & Let Live Supporter. We will only send you one acknowledgement letter at the beginning of the year summarizing the previous year’s automatic monthly donations for tax purposes.

What will I receive when I become a Love & Let Live supporter?

Supporters receive quarterly newsletters showcasing shelter happenings and real examples of  lives you’ve helped save.  Those who give $100 or more each month will also receive a Love & Let Live car cling and pin.

What if I need to discontinue my giving?

Once you set up your automatic gift, that monthly contribution will continue until you decide to discontinue the gift.

You may change or suspend your giving at any time by contacting your bank or credit card company through which you set up your online giving.   HSHC does not have the ability to change or discontinue your monthly giving amount.

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Love & Let Live

Every animal deserves a second chance. The chance to live, love and be loved is our promise to them…and to you. We invite you to be part of the solution and give back to the animals who give us so much.  After all, one of them may be your soulmate.