Corporate Giving

Support the community that supports your business

Make Work Matter More

Charitable giving may start at home, but it can (and should!) continue at work. By participating in a corporate‐sponsored initiative, you ‐‐ and your company ‐‐ can help even more pets find forever homes. Check out a few of our corporate giving ideas and get your colleagues involved, too. (Giving is always more fun with a friend.)

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    Matching Gifts Programs

    Matching gifts are an easy way to double (or sometimes even triple) your charitable contribution. If your company is a matching gift employer, it’s easy to multiply your gift:

    1. Contact your HR department to request a matching gift form.
    2. Complete the form and send it to HSHC with your donation.
    3. We’ll snuggle a puppy behind‐the‐scenes as our special thanks to you.

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    Annual Employee Campaigns

    Does your company sponsor annual giving campaigns through payroll deductions? If so, you can add HSHC as your intended gift recipient (check with your employer for details). Other ideas for workplace giving programs include:

    1. “Jeans Day” fundraiser
    2. Office barbecue fundraiser
    3. Garage sale
    4. Office bake sale
    5. Recruit a team for our annual Woofstock Survivor Charity Walk.

    For more information on how to set up a company fundraising event or campaign please contact Jen at

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    Spare Change Saves Lives

    Your spare change may not make a big difference to you, but it means the world to our animals. Encourage your employer to display an HSHC donation jar in your lunch room, reception area, or by your cash register.

    To obtain a donation jar from us, please contact Jen at

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    If your workplace participates in community volunteer days, why not suggest a day at HSHC? It’s a volunteer opportunity that gives back… in tail wags and kitty kisses.

    To organize a service day at the shelter, please contact our Volunteer Program manager at

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    We offer Corporate Sponsorships that include numerous benefits for your company. Thousands of animal lovers walk through our doors each year from all over Hamilton County and surrounding areas. These animal lovers represent some of the most loyal consumers in the marketplace — and they’ll see YOU!

    For more information on becoming a Corporate Sponsor, please contact Max at

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    Give While You Shop

    We’re lucky to have several community organizations that allow you to designate HSHC as your preferred charity. Every time you shop, we receive a portion of sales from the parter… and the dollars really add up!

Every Little Bit Helps

Possibilities for corporate giving are as limitless as your imagination… and we appreciate your efforts as much as our puppies appreciate a good belly rub. And that’s a LOT!

Love & Let Live

Every animal deserves a second chance at love — and life. We invite you to be part of the solution and give back to the animals who give us so much.