Future Vision

Where We're Going & Why

We Have a Dream

The days of ‘making due’ in our over-crowded facility that is missing fundamental areas necessary to efficiently function simply must end. We thought our dream of a new facility designed to offer a better quality of life for the animals and the people who care for them was within our reach after receiving a land donation in November 2014. Unfortunately, a rendering of our very basic needs revealed the 3 acres would not be large enough for a new facility, parking, and space outside for the dogs to exercise.

Life is full of one step forward and two steps back moments — but we won’t let that stop us.

Wanted: Dream Land

So we continue our search today for just the right spot to build a state-of-the-art, no-kill shelter unlike any other in Indiana. After all, shouldn’t the design of the Hamilton County Humane Society reflect the same progressiveness and quality of life for which our county is known and celebrated?

Seeing is

Because words alone cannot express the daily challenges our team faces as they continue to work miracles in this building every day, I ask that you please take a moment to watch this short, eye-opening video.

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    The Struggle is Real

    Watch this video to see our current world. You’ll see basic areas that are missing from our building and the quality of life issues our animals, and the people who care for them, face every day.

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    Imagine a Future Like This

    • A quiet kennel with dogs resting peacefully.
    • A cattery surrounded by windows filled with cats perched in the sunlight.
    • The day’s injured arrivals resting quietly in a recovery room.
    • The day’s feline arrivals making their first stop in a properly ventilated cat intake area–not a mop closet.
    • Our behavior team working with a dog who protects his food and toys in a training room–not a storage closet filled with food and toys.
    • Dogs playing outside in a grass-filled yard. Others walking along a beautiful dog walking path.
    • Catteries filled with warmth and light–not stainless steel.
    • A meeting space large enough for a Girl Scout Troop to sit down and learn about responsible pet ownership and pet safety.
    • A lobby filled with places for our guests to sit and discuss adoption–not cages stacked upon cages because of over-crowding.
    • More space–to save more lives.

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    We're Committed. Are you?

    Our vision will become a reality. It has to. But we need your help. We already have the heart and soul of a shelter like no other.

    Now we need the walls to place around it so we can continue serving the community as the only open-admission, truly no-kill shelter in the state of Indiana and one of the few in the country.

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    Let's Make This Vision a Reality

    Having an inspiring vision is one thing, but making it happen is much harder. We need your help to give our animals (and staff) the healthy, safe, and peaceful facility they deserve.

    If you would like to discuss a land donation or other contribution, please contact Rebecca Stevens at hamiltonhumane75@gmail.com.

Love & Let Live

Every animal deserves a second chance at love — and life. We invite you to be part of the solution and give back to the animals who give us so much.